Partners Zone PDA

PDA Sales Portal

The purpose of this portal is to provide our Partners with all the information and materials they need to support sales activities that include the PDA Assessment and Solutions, whether presenting the PDA Assessment as a stand-alone product or selling any of the programmes based on the PDA Assessment.

This site includes materials that range from presentations, testimonials, technical information and sample sales proposals for the various programmes to institutional materials, such as designs for cards, brochures, banners, etc.

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PDA University / PDA Consulting Portal

The purpose of PDA International is focused on providing Clients and Partners with tools that will help them improve their vision regarding consulting services. Through a great diversity of material, reports and suggested dynamics, the members of the PDA network will have access to useful material that will enhance their own products and services portfolio and generate great impact in the way their services are delivered to new customers and different HR areas regarding Talent Management, Development processes for groups and individuals, as well as coaching sessions based and guided by the use of the PDA Assessment.

The objective of the PDA University and Consultancy Portal is to provide all of the PDA Analysts, Consultants and Partners with complete access, - in a simple, clear format - , to information that might become useful when presenting themselves to new clients and therefore prepare and achieve sales by making possible consulting processes and providing training solutions based on the PDA Assessment Results.

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